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The "Buck-A-Tire Guys!"

Happy endings for your scrap tires.

A proudly Thunder Bay owned and operated tire recycling company based out of Murillo, Ontario. If you have scrap tires you need to recycle, come on by and drop them off, or contact us to arrange a pickup time.

44 Rubin Drive – Murillo, ON – P0T 2G0


Tire Pickup & Drop-off

Looking to recycle your old tires? Come drop them off at our tire recycling facility for free today, or give us a call and we will conveniently come and pick them up for you.

Freight & Courier

Need a parcel delivered or picked up? We can service outlining communities in North Western Ontario. Atikokan to Wawa, and everywhere in between, your package is in good hands!

Appliance Recycling

Recycle your used fridge, freezer, wash machine, or any other appliance at our facility for free. Appliances containing refrigerants are subject to a $20 decommissioning fee. 

We've Got Northern Ontario's Back

When you choose us as your go-to tire recycling company, you can rest assured knowing your unwanted tires will be
picked up on a regular and timely basis.

Our team of friendly well-seasoned tire recycling experts is ready to face any challenges related to picking up your unwanted tires. Whether it be residential, landfills, transfer stations, garages or any other place that has tires needing recycling,
we are your best choice.

Our on-site mechanic conducts routine maintenance on our loader, trucks, and other equipment to proactively reduce the likelihood of downtime.

We work as a team with various PROs, haulers, and processors to provide you with complete peace of mind that your tires will have a happy ending. This is done by ensuring they are responsibly recycled into other products such as blasting mats, box liners, roads, and much more. 

What are you waiting for? Let us help make tire recycling a breeze for you today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge to have tires picked up or to drop off at your location?

No there is not.  This service is free to everyone in Ontario.  If you are not a registered collection site and have more than 9 tires, we just need contact information, name and phone number.

Why is this a free service?

New regulations for tires mean the producers of the new tires must collect and reuse or recycle 85% of the weight brought into the economy each year of new tires. 

Is there a maximum amount of tires that you pick up or that can be dropped off?

No, but if it is 10 or more tires we are required to collect contact information for verification purposes or you must be registered with the RPRA and e-tracks. 

Do you accept tires that are on rims?

Yes we do. 

Is there a charge for tires on rims?

No there is not. The new tire regulations state that all tire collection sites must accept tires on rims. 

What kind of tires do you accept?

We accept all PLT (passenger/light truck), medium truck tires and all sizes of OTR (off the road).